We at Cape Cod Canine and Pawfessional Pet Services take pet care very seriously. We have personal experience with many types of animals and are avid pets lovers of animals of every shape and size. We are regional volunteers for a national breed specific rescue organization and owners of The Rescue Barn. We have extensive experience handling large breed dogs and animals of any size or temperament. Patience is a high priority when working our day to day routine. Smiles and laughter generated by what the animals return is our reward.

Mary M. Hannigan

I am currently owned by the beautiful English Breed known as The Bullmastiff. These large dogs fill my heart and home with the passion that I transfer into taking care of the animals in my house and in yours.

I share my life with animals and wouldn't have it any other way. I have several Bullmastiffs living with me, all have been in the show ring and are or will be titled as AKC Champions. I have owned, loved and shown bullmastiffs for over 23 years. I show to Top AKC National Rankings and have Champions that were bred by me in Europe, England, Finland, Norway and more. I base a Rescue Rehabilitation "The Rescue Barn" here at our place. I am an active Breed Rescue Trainer for Molosser Breeds in need working endlessly with behaviorally difficult dogs who face euthanasia and assist them thru re-socialization and retraining to restructure their behavior and modify them for adoption into family homes.

I spend my work day with your cherished animals in your home, at the park, having picnics, walks, swims, training or playtimes while you are away, busy at work or just want your pets getting all the attention they deserve on a one on one basis. Besides my dogs, I live with a small (and very comical) bird named Rocky. Rocky is a baby conure who will share his many years of life with me here.

I offer canine training and coaching, pet sitting, day care and playtime, nanny services, conditioning and exercise, mid day walks or visits, rehabilitation and more. Anything you need for your pet, from nutrition to night time stories, I can provide with my years of experience with animals. I feed my personal dogs a Raw Natural Diet and I believe in a natural approach to handling our canine friends, after all, they are our BEST FRIENDS!!

My real life is right there with your pets!


Pawfessional Pet Services provides in home pet nanny and coaching services for all types of animal companions. As animal owners ourselves, we understand the concerns regarding your petís needs and the safety of your personal property. We don't take this responsibility lightly and as members of Pet Sitters International we are a fully bonded and insured company who's dedication and professionalism are our priorities. Your cherished pet is our number one concern.. see what people have to say.

Our Company is founded in Connecticut and is very proud to be part of people's homes in Cape Cod, Massachusetts sharing special time with their canine companions. Cape Cod Canine with Pawfessional Pet Services is dedicated to your pets, their sensitivities, emotional and physical needs.

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Cape Cod Canine

Pawfessional Pet Services


Thank you so much for letting us into your animalís life.





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