Cape Cod Canine and Pawfessional Pet Services have several options of Complete Animal Care available for your busy day-to-day schedule, anticipated vacation or regular animal care routine. We are available for pet sitting and/or canine training services in your home or ours in most areas.

We also have in home pet care, nanny services, veterinary taxi, training, rehabilitation, adopted rescue re-socialization, exercise services in most areas.

We offer regular daily updates by email or text message to your phone, we supply "report cards" and daily logs on your pets activity while in our care. Photos (with your permission) are posted to our Pawfessional web site...your pet is one of our family.



Canine Training: in our home or yours


One on One: New puppy or adult dogs. We provide training for all situations, puppy training, conformation show training, obedience, problem solving, basic manners, walk on a leash, stop jumping or barking. Whatever your needs we offer one on one assistance in in your own home environment to help you and your dog become enjoyable friends. Many behavioral problems have a solution which is simpler than you could imagine. Let me coach you. In home consultations available within one day. Any problem can be solved with a little (or a lot of) guidance


Pet Sitting: in your home


In your home: Dogs, cats, horses and other farm animals, fish, fish ponds, reptiles, amphibians, small caged animals and exotics. Going away for the day or for the week? I can take care of your canine companions (and other pets as well) in the comfort of their own home environment. Leave the stress out of "going away" and let them stay home. This option also includes our daily play/nanny service.


Private Boarding: in our home (available in CT only)


In my home: Dogs, cats, small caged animals and reptiles (providing their habitat is not too large for transport). This is a great alternative to kenneling. Keep your pet safe from flea infestation, kennel cough and other diseases that can be easily transmitted in a kennel environment. Overnight boarding in my home is also less stressful on your animal with less noise and activity than a traditional kennel. Your companion can sleep in front of the fire or lay on the couch and watch TV. This option also allows for more frequent daily contact with your pet in a family environment with overnight care.

  Pet Transportation: pick up and drop off  

Pet Taxi to and from veterinary appointments, grooming appointments, daycare/play dates. Do you have trouble getting your canine friend in and out of the car? Does he/she pull you to or away from the vet or grooming building? Let us relieve you and your pet from that stress and we can do the traveling. In our F350 extended van equipped with air conditioning, doggie beds, snuggle blankets and safety crates we have the comfort of safe traveling and can transport any dog safely to and from necessary appointments and without fear.

  Playtime: at your home or ours, local park, beach etc  

Dogs can be scheduled for playtimes or trips to the park or to the beach. Daily Doggy Nanny-care is also available. Individual playtimes or play with other dogs on our completely fenced property is available. Inquire about our different half day and full day packages. Horses: riding/grooming exercise schedule available

  Pet Exercise Routine: Daily/Weekly  

We offer one-hour, two-hour, half day and full day services. Do you have long work days? Is your dog at home fighting boredom and loneliness? Let them travel with us for social interaction that can't be imitated. Beaches, parks, trails, shops and main streets, we spend all of our days "out and about" socializing, playing, learning and interacting. Come home at the end of the day to a satisfied, relaxed dog.

  Nutrition Consult: Allergies, sensitivities, elderly unthrifty dogs  

looking to change your dogs' diet? Interested in the raw diet or a new commercial kibble? We can consult you to offer a diet that will prove successful for your individual dog's needs. We also distribute the necessary meats for "Frozen Raw Fed Natural Diets"


Administering Medication: Special needs, post op, elderly pets

  Pet Waste Removal: Pooper Scooper Service  

While you are away from home or on a regular basis (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly packages available)

  Horse Care: other farm animals  

Need someone to man the farm while you are away on vacation or even if it's just for an afternoon when business keeps you away? Turnout, feed, water and stall cleaning available.


Household Maintenance: lawn and garden care. Light construction.


Errand Service: pick up pet food or other general errands available








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