To Whom It May Concern;

I am happy to recommend the services of Sandy Anderson of Woodbridge, CT and Mary Hannigan of Huntington, CT. They have been a long time volunteers in our Rescue Program. They have a lot of experience with dogs of all sizes and has a good knowledge of dog behavior and training issues. They have fostered short term for us, helped to pick up and transport Bullmastiffs (that they previously have not met), and have done home visits. Both Sandy and Mary are dog lovers with a gentle hand.


Virginia Rowland, National Rescue Coordinator

American Bullmastiff Association



Sandy has always been a lover of animals. From the time she was little, she always had some kind of pet. She gets it naturally because the whole family loves animals including me, her mom. Sandy's compassion for animals led her to join the rescue of Bullmastiffs. I can remember when she was sixteen she brought a cat home that had been hit by a car. She took it to the vet, paid to patch it up and ran adds in the newspaper to find its owner. How many people would do that! She is "something else"!
Sandy's experience ranges from guinea pigs, hamsters and snakes to larger pets and livestock. She especially loves horses and had her own for a number of years.
Sandy is very sweet, smart, trustworthy and responsible. Anyone would be lucky to have her care for their pet. There's nothing like being able to go away with the relief of knowing your animal is in good hands.

Donna Eisenman, Sandy's mom


I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation for Sandy Anderson. When Sandy told me of her plans to offer a local pet-sitting/errand service, I thought it was a great business for her. Sandy is not only an animal lover, but all-in-all a great person. She is truly kind, compassionate, dependable, devoted and trustworthy. She has a genuine love and respect for animals with a natural ability to read and relate to them in a positive way.

My husband and I were fortunate to meet Sandy during one of her many volunteer transports for ABA Rescue. It was our first volunteer assignment and we were not sure what to expect. When we arrived, Sandy reassured us and said that he was a good dog - so no need to worry. My husband and I watched as this petite woman handled the large, energetic and frightened dog with compassion and gentle assertiveness. It was obvious to us at that moment that Sandy's instincts were excellent and that this poor dog, despite his fear, responded to her in a way that made our hearts melt.

After that day, Sandy and I talked about our shared love for animals and beliefs on proper care and training, which basically means lots of love, mutual respect, good nutrition, a solid routine and training with positive reinforcement. During this conversation, I mentioned that we had lost our male bullmastiff over the summer, and we were hoping to find a companion for our female but finding the right fit was proving to be a challenge. In that moment, Sandy said "I think you should meet Howard." Howard is a 7-year old bullmastiff Sandy and a friend rescued from a neglectful home. She formed an immediate connection with him, telling me she knew he was "special" the moment she met him. Sandy wanted to be very careful about selecting a family for Howard, but felt after talking with me, that ours would be a good fit for all.

Once again, Sandy's instincts were right on! We went to meet Howard, who had been recuperating in foster care for two months since his rescue, and we could have not agreed more with Sandy. Howard was amazing, "special" and loved our girl ~ we were hooked! With Sandy's blessing, we brought Howard home just before Thanksgiving. He is one of the greatest joys in our life.

Even though we live in Massachusetts, Sandy and I have kept in touch and become friends. We talk about Howard, but other things too; life in general, the importance of family, friendship, fate, kindness of others, etc. When we first met Sandy, it was clear that she is a genuinely kind and compassionate person. I also know that the love she feels for her animals is pretty equal to that of her children. She knows that, for most of us, our non-human companions are an important part of the family; and deserve respect as such.

We wish Sandy all the best in this adventure. Our only regret is that we don't live close enough to hire her!

Kim Olsen, owned by dogs, Massachusetts






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